Perlite (100 Liters)
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    Perlite (100 Liters)

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      Gulf Perlite Agro-pearl is a porous volcanic rock, designed as physical soil enhancer and the ultimate growing medium for agricultural, landscaping, horticultural and hydroponics which is applicable for following:

      - Conditioning of the soil
      - Hydroponic and crops growing
      - Propagation and seed cultivation
      - Indoor and outdoor gardening specially for large palm trees
      - Turf fields such as stadiums, parks, golf courses, tennis courts and football fields
      - Roof gardening / Green roofs substrates

      • Agro-Pearl is ultra lightweight with excellent Water retention up to four times its weight.
      • Reduces concentrations of salt and also promotes the long term effect of fertilizers.
      • Keeps pests and rodents away since it neither satisfies their hunger nor it’s a pleasant surface to walk on.
      • Agro-Pearl makes moisture, oxygen and nutrients readily available to plants.