Money Plant in Moss Stick
Money Plant in Moss Stick

    Money Plant in Moss Stick

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      The Money Plant is also known as the Golden Pothos, Devils Ivy and Epipremnum aureum is a very easy growing, hassle-free and low maintenance plant that can tolerate lower light levels, bright filtered light, or even the full sun.

      The beauty of this plant is in its leaves. Each arrow-shaped leaf will alternate location with the leaves around it. These leaves will grow up to 39 inches long (100 cm) and 18 inches across (45 cm).

      Even on juvenile plants, the leaves appear exactly the same as they do on mature plants, only as smaller versions of themselves. This makes this plant beautiful at any age.

      • Light: Bright indirect sunlight or in low medium light
      • Temperature: not below 16°C
      • Water:  Every once in 2 weeks
      • Dimension: approx. 60 cm in height
      • Product color/size may vary from picture
      • Sold in nursery pots