Emergency blanket
Emergency blanket

    Emergency blanket

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      Coghlan’s Emergency Blanket is an important emergency product to keep on hand in cold weather. Made of aluminized non-stretch polyester, this large blanket will reflect heat back to the body and prevent heat loss in cold conditions. The material will stay flexible even in freezing temperatures and is also wind and waterproof.
      Ideal to keep on hand in case of an emergency, this product is widely used by hikers, campers, and when hunting or fishing. Great to include in an emergency kit or even to keep on hand at the cabin. The Emergency Blanket is compact and lightweight, it weighs only 1.5 oz. It packs down to a small size that is convenient for transportation and easily fits into a pocket or backpack.

      • Stays flexible in freezing temperatures and reflects body heat inward helping to prevent the onset of hypothermia.
      • Essential survival gear for emergency preparedness.
      • The Emergency Blanket is small, lightweight, and compact for easy transportation.
      • Wind and waterproof
      • Size: 52” x 82.5” (132 cm x 210 cm).
      • Weight: 1.5 oz. (42.5 g).