Single Tumbling Composter 70 L
Single Tumbling Composter 70 L
Single Tumbling Composter 70 L
Single Tumbling Composter 70 L

    Single Tumbling Composter 70 L

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    The Tumbling Composter contains a mechanism with rods or fins that mixes and breaks up larger clusters to activate and “fasten” the decomposing process. Such composters are able to reach a temperature of more than 60°C.

    In order for compost to be efficient, it requires a correct mixture ratio of “brown” (carbon) and “green” (nitrogen) materials (see LIST OF KEY COMPONENTS FOR GREAT COMPOST)

    Water should be added only when necessary and the tumbler should be turned every other day or so to keep all ingredients, microorganisms, and moisture evenly distributed.

    Within a few weeks, your Tumbling Composter will transform your scraps into this natural fertiliser named compost.

    This product is delivered assembled and READY TO USE.



    1. The best method: Produce compost in batches, loading up the tumbler until full, and leave it to break down until completed. When running two tumblers simultaneously, one can start adding waste to the second tumbler and wait for the first to complete its decomposing process. Refraining from adding more materials to the current batch of working compost will ensure better results. A batch with new waste materials can then be started when the first is completed. A second composter required for this method.

    2. Another method is continuous composting, where one adds more and more material, mixing fresh waste into the decomposing process. When choosing this method with the tumbler, one should stop adding when the tumbler is almost full, and let the contents decompose.Once this batch is completed you can start the entire process again.

    • 70 liters capacity
    • Rotatable
    • Good quality materials
    • Excellent ventilation
    • UV protection
    • Metal legs are a stable base
    • Weight (kg): 5.1
    • Height (cm): 74
    • Width (cm): 60
    • Length (cm): 34
    • The fertilizer is ready after about 3-4 weeks