Gardening Clothes & Gloves

Washable Apron

65.00 AED

Flower Apron

79.00 AED

Tool Belt

39.00 AED65.00 AED

Garden Bag

99.00 AED

Herb Pots

69.00 AED

Herb Tray Set

69.00 AED

Gardeners Gloves Honey

85.00 AED

Leather Garden Gloves

89.00 AED

Leather Garden Gloves With Elastic Cotton

75.00 AED

Gardener Gloves Sky Blue

85.00 AED

Mid Cuff Gardener Gloves

85.00 AED

Garden Kneeler Honey

145.00 AED

Kneeler Sky Blue

95.00 AED

Kneeler Flowers

95.00 AED

Briers Julie Dodsworth Flower Girl Rigger Gloves

48.00 AED

Briers Julie Dodsworth Flower Girl Cotton Grip Triple Pack Gloves

62.00 AED

Briers Honeysuckle Garden Bag

83.00 AED

Briers Honeysuckle Seed Tin

39.00 AED

Seed & Weed Gloves in Pink

35.00 AED

Deluxe Tool Bag

59.00 AED

Knee Pads in Pink

55.00 AED

Lady Gardener Gloves in Pink

75.00 AED

Set of 3 Gloves - Medium

145.00 AED

Honeysuckle Cotton Tote Bag

55.00 AED