5 Plants To Attract Positive Energies In Your Home

by Lea charpier on August 17, 2020

Headaches, trouble sleeping... Get rid of bad energy with Feng Shui plants. Which plants attract positive energies?
Aloé vera, bamboo, orchid will be as decorative as they are beneficial. Here are indoor plants that bring good luck, purify the air and absorb pollutants!

The plants of Feng Shui attract the good waves in your interior while bringing benefits to your body and mind. Here are 5 Feng Shui plants to make you feel at home!


1. An orchid for a life full of happiness

In addition to being a beautiful flower with a pleasant fragrance, the Orchid is the best option for your room.

The Orchid symbolizes fertility but also, the quest for perfection. In the past, this indoor plant was offered to newlyweds to provide them with a fulfilling life, full of happiness.

Cool Tip: The Orchid gives off oxygen at night, so it will find its perfect place in your room!

Beautiful purple Orchid placed near a window - Pinterest

2. Bamboo for good luck

Outdoor or indoor, Bamboo, also known as lucky bamboo, is in vogue for decoration. But in addition to offering a jungle or tropical style to your living room, it will attract good energy.

Indeed, bamboo symbolizes prosperity, luck and wisdom. You will love the feeling of well-being, calm and calm that it provides.

The number of stems determines its properties:

- 2 for love
- 3 for happiness
- 5 for health
- 8 for wealth and abundance
- 9 for luck

Cool Tip: Keep the bamboo out of the sun!

Perfect Lucky Bamboo for a cosy atmosphere - Pinterest

3. The Peace Lily to eliminate pollutants

Ideal to purify the air, the Peace Lily allows you to spend peaceful evenings and nights.

Indeed, the Peace Lily neutralizes pollutants in the home such as paints, carpets, etc. which can cause headaches and other sleep disorders in some people.

Peace Lily in white pot - Pinterest


4. Aloe vera, attract good fortune

The benefits of aloe vera are well established. This plant with many healing properties promotes good energy in the home.

According to certain beliefs, if your aloe vera grows, it will. But if it dies, it has played its full role in absorbing bad energy!

 Aloe vera will be perfect to take care of your health - Pinterest


5. The cactus, perfect against electromagnetic waves

The cactus brings sunshine to your home! A Latin look with a South American style decoration that has its own style.
It also has the ability to absorb the bad electromagnetic energies from household appliances.

But beware, to place your cactus where they will get a lot of sunlight and make sure you water the soil and not the cactus.

Tropical Vibes at home: add a cactus - Pinterest