How to care for your...Succulents

by Lea charpier on August 15, 2020

Does Succulents need sun?

Place the Succulents where they will get a lot of sunlight; without high light, they will likely begin to stretch out of their tight rosette form. Place your Succulents right on the windowsill or on a piece of furniture pulled up next to it.

How often should you water a Succulent?

The most important part of good Succulent care is watering. Succulents don’t like to be kept too wet, but they also don’t like to be kept too dry. We typically find that succulents like more water than most people think. In a house with dry home temperatures dry things out even faster. You don’t want your soil to be bone dry or it will wither the plant’s roots.

When you water Succulents, water the soil and not the rosette. Pour on the water until it drains out the bottom. Repeat this a couple times. Then don’t water again until the soil has dried out. You don’t want your plant to remain soaking wet all the time. To help prevent this, don’t let the pot sit in a saucer full of water. The time between watering depends on the temperatures and conditions of the plant.

The most common problems seen on Succulents are due to poor watering habits. Over and under watering can both produce similar symptoms. Wilting, shriveling, dropping leaves. You know your own watering habits best. Keep an eye on your plants and make adjustments if needed.

How to prepare soil for Succulents?

Succulents require excellent drainage, so choose or make a potting mix that provides it. A store-bought potting mix labeled for cacti and succulents will work well, or you can use an all-purpose potting mix and add coarse sand and/or aquarium gravel to lighten it and enhance drainage. 

How to fertilize Succulents?

Most of the more compact succulents do well in low fertility situations, so if you have smaller, tightly-compact plants, you may find that they’ll be just fine without fertilizer at all.

Most succulents can survive without fertilizer, but that tiny boost is enough to convince the plant that it’s in the perfect place for it to get larger.  You can use a standard, balanced fertilizer for your succulent, just in a smaller quantity. Typically an all-purpose fertilizer concentrate. Make a batch up at its normal strength, then dilute it by adding 2-3 times the amount of water, and use that to fertilize with. Once a month is usually enough at that strength.



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