Why You Should Have Dried Flowers In Your Dubai Home?

by Lea charpier on August 17, 2020

Who would have bet on the come back of the Dried Flowers?

Those that have been considered old-fashioned and dusty for years are once again at the forefront of the trend. Of course there are still a few decorating ideas to pick up from the good old days!

Dry wheat, dry lavender, ruscus and lunaria bud on Instagram. The good old feather duster has even been renamed "Dried Pampa" by its new followers.

But why such a craze? 


Dried flowers offer a simple and effective way to adopt the boho trend that never ceases to seduce us. If they give a bohemian touch, they also have the advantage of fitting in with many worlds ranging from Parisian chic to Scandinavian.



Unlike fresh flowers that always decompose too quickly in their vase, dried flowers do not move. You can enjoy them for several years without them getting wrinkled. So perfect to have a house in bloom all the time. 



No water to change, no stems to cut, no bouquet to recompose every day, the dried flowers are perfectly autonomous. They do not suffer from holidays or business trips.

Since they also do without light, they are our best allies in rooms without windows, such as an office or the toilet. The only small attention needed is a light blow dry of cold hair to remove dust from time to time.



As we said, your dried flowers will last for years, this is a good way to save money. No need to spend hundreds of bucks in bouquets. Place your dried flowers in a vase, a vintage decanter, suspended or highlighted in revisited herbariums, they will for sure bring a rustic chic touch to any atmosphere.

At My Green Chapter, we're such fans of Dried Flowers (oh you already know this). We use them with passion in our creations and display them without moderation in our office.