by Lea charpier on September 16, 2020

What is Compost ? 

Compost comes from the transformation of organic waste (fruit and vegetable remains, grass, branches, ...) in the presence of water and oxygen, by means of micro-organisms (microscopic fungi, bacteria …)

The product obtained is comparable to humus, which is very useful in agriculture and gardening. It provides the plants with essential elements for their growth.

Here are the TOP 3 reasons why you should start composting right now in Dubai 

1. Produce your own nutrient-rich soil

Composting is a very effective way to produce a rich and natural fertilizer. 

What compost do :

  • improves soil fertility
  • it regenerates the soil
  • brings life to the soil
  • retains water in the soil
  • lightens clay soils
  • contributes to plant development
  • protects plants against diseases
  • limits differences in daily temperature...

Honestly, flowers, fruits and vegetables would hug you if they could!

2. Very good for environment.

You know that we throw away around 30% of our foods right ? 

By recycling your kitchen and yard waste in a Bokashi bin for example, not only you minimize the amount of garbage your family is sending to the landfill, but also you contribute to reduce methane emissions from landfills and lower your carbon footprint. 

3.  Save Money On Soil and Fertilizers

By recovering organic waste at home, composting provides free compost. You save money!

You no longer need to buy potting soil as well as conventional phytosanitary products and fertilizers. Fertilizing naturally at home avoids using dangerous and polluting products.

4. Bonus :  It's freaking easy to do!

You only have to put your vegetable and kitchen waste in your Bokashi Bin, add some Bran inside between 2 layers of food. Done ! 100% odorless.

Now let mother nature do the rest and get ready for this amazing compost in some days.


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