How to use the Bokashi system for apartment living

by Lea charpier on August 15, 2020

For balcony use we recommend the following:

If you are going to use the Bokashi system in an apartment you need to have a balcony with sufficient room to have some pots on it.

Then follow the instructions below:

  1. Purchase a large pot (whichever shape suits your balcony best) together with potting soil.
  2. Place a thick layer of soil at the bottom of the pot. One large pot should have 30cm of soil in the bottom of it.
  3. You then empty the contents of your Bokashi black composting bin or your Bokashi white composting bin  (being careful to retain the sieve).
  4. The Bokashi treated food waste from the Bokashi bin should be emptied on top of the soil in the bottom of the plant pot.
  5. Then finish with another thick layer of soil. The soil should cover the food waste, now in the plant pot, with a 30cm layer of soil.

After 2 weeks you can plant vegetable or flowering plants directly into the pot OR you can leave the pot to stand for 6 weeks and then use the soil conditioner produced.

If you don't have a balcony the only way to use the Bokashi treated food waste would be to give it to someone who has a villa with a garden


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